Sustain Our Work


We have set a goal of fundraising $5,000 in 30 days to sustain our work. This is the first time in seven years that we have run a fundraiser.

Help us provide political education, civic engagement, and brave spaces organized, led, and facilitated by Muslim women that recognize, celebrate, and uplift their experiences. 

For centuries, stereotypes of Muslim women have been utilized and reinforced for polarizing reasons as they face daily micro-aggressions regarding visual expressions of their identity, making these spaces even more necessary. 

We need your support to: 

– Continue our Get Out The Vote Initiatives in Black, Brown, working-class, and Muslim communities across North Carolina

– Continue emerging reproductive justice education and programming 

– Develop and sustain a mutual aid program for North Carolina community members

– Sustain our work beyond the immediate needs of the election cycle

-Provide healing justice programs for all community members

-Provide political education, rapid response and advocacy events as needed

-Hire and train youth that will be the ones to continue this work in the future 

Play Fundraising Bingo

To make fundraising a community effort, we are asking you to complete a bingo card. If you get 3 squares in a row, you win! Tag us on social media or email us your board to be entered in a raffle to win a swag bundle

See what we’ve done in the past

View our ‘2021 Annual Report’ to learn more about what we’ve done in the past and what we look forward to in the future. We hope you’ll stay engaged with our work. If you are interested in making a foundational or large-dollar donation, please connect with our finance director, Eiman.

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