Social Justice Leadership Retreat 2019

We’re back from our 2nd Annual Social Justice Leadership retreat and we wanted to share with you all some of our photos and reflections from the weekend.

Our fellows were from all across the state of North Carolina, primarily the Charlotte, Triad and Triangle areas.

This retreat experience proved to us that there are serious commitments that one makes with themselves when entering this work.

  1. A commitment to telling the truth. It sounds simple but in reality it can be very difficult to tell the truth when we are in uncomfortable situations and working with people that are different than us. Very quickly we began to see the
  2. A commitment to one’s people. We enter every room with our ancestors, families and community walking with us. We carry them with us and when we enter this work we are making a commitment to honoring them before anyone else.
  3. A commitment to learning. One weekend isn’t going to completely change the way we see the world nor is it going to solve all of our problems. The real learning happens in our communities, in struggle and when that happens we must be ready to engage in ways that allow for transformation and create solutions.

We hope that you’ll apply for next year’s retreat and that you continue to support this work.