Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice is a social justice movement rooted in the vision that individuals and communities should have the resources and power to make sustainable and liberatory decisions about their bodies, genders, sexualities, and live free of stigma and shame. 

Our Current Areas of Work

Muslim-led Reproductive Justice Organizations

Justice For Muslims Collective- DMV 

HEART (Sex Education and Advocacy for Muslims)- MD, CA, IL, IN, NY, GA 

#Vigilant Love- Los Angeles, CA 

MALIKAH- International and based in Queens, NY

Sexual Health for Muslims 

The Village Auntie 

The Halal Sexpert

Recent Events

Carolina Abortion Fund Faith and Abortion Panel

The goal of this event was: 

1. Discuss the relationship between reproductive justice and faith in our respective communities

2. Provide education across our bases to continue building collective power for abortion access/reproductive justice.

Password to access the recording: Hgk7?CV5

Resources the panelists mentioned during the above conversation: 

From Rev. Katey Zeh:

  1. Information about the Religious Coalition for Reproductive 
  2. The Religion and Repro Learning Center, where you can access free educational resources about abortion and reproductive justice in various faith traditions:
  3. Abortions Welcome, a spiritual companion for use before, during, or after an abortion:
  4. Rev. Katey’s book event coming up in Raleigh this week:

From Lela, representing both Muslim Women For and PPSAT’s Muslim Organizing Program:

  1. Information about Muslim Women For:; you can also find them on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter
  2. Information about the Muslim Organizing Program (part of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, which covers both North and South Carolina)
  3. Heart to Grow’s abortion resources, a fantastic organization promoting sexual health + reproductive justice for Muslims: 

And finally, a reminder that the Carolina Abortion Fund is asking faith leaders in North and South Carolina to commit to talking about abortion and reproductive justice with their congregations and communities.

Spread the word and sign up here! 


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