Our Story

In 2016, Muslim Women For was started by three driven, African immigrant women who saw the need for a channel for Muslim women to implement the social justice and community service teachings of their faith.

These three women recognized that Muslim women and women of color like themselves often experience spaces (both Muslim and non-Muslim) that are dominantly led by cis men, where they are often sexualized, devalued, and silenced. In this moment, the vision of Muslim Women For was born. Inspired by the history, work, and resilience of Black, Brown, Muslim, and indigenous women, they decided to create their own space- a space of learning, love, healing, and sisterhood.

They worked throughout the summer of 2016 to develop a model of beliefs and ideals that they wanted to uplift in their programming, which were later compiled into the five pillars.

In 2017, Muslim Women For became an incubator program under the Light House Project which provided them with physical meeting space in Downtown Raleigh. To find out more about the Light House project, we invite you to explore their site.

Today, Muslim Women For is a grassroots organization of diverse women leaders whose mission is to embody and be an effective voice of the Qur’anic ideals of human dignity, egalitarianism, compassion, and social justice. We are dedicated to working together to create transformative change by organizing locally and building power through direct service, community organizing, advocacy, and spiritual resistance. The work of Muslim Women For challenges the monolithic image of Muslim women that continues to contribute to gender-based Islamophobia and inter-community marginalization, and addresses issues that concern vulnerable communities like gender-based violence, anti-blackness, immigrant injustice, anti-Muslim bigotry, xenophobia, and violence against LGBTQIA+ persons.