Revolutionary Library

Online Library

We have a wide variety of texts available for online reading. These are resources curated by members of our community and our co-founders. You may submit your own contributions via our submission form below. These resources are updated regularly and are not necessarily representational of our organization’s mission or values.

Simply put, we believe that all people should have access to a wide variety of information in order to have a more nuanced understanding of our global community. Every text in our libraries, online and physical, represent that belief. Please notify us if any of the links are no longer working so we can amend them. Happy reading!

Physical Library

In December 2017, Muslim Women For unveiled a small library of books available for on loan to members of our community wanting to expand their political awareness and social consciousness.

We are constantly rotating books and invite folks to donate books if they’d like. We ask that the topics of texts are related to social issues, political ideologies and intersectionality. If you have any questions or if you want to make a large book donation please contact us using the form below.