Our Team

Development Lead

Eiman Ali  is a recent graduate from Meredith College with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and a minor in Public Health. Her dedication to social justice is rooted in her identity as a Somali immigrant and her upbringing as a Muslim woman. During her undergraduate experience, she discovered her passion for service through her internship at the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants as a Health Intern, insuring healthcare access for newly arrived refugees. She also served as a coach for the Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago, training college students from across the country to be interfaith leaders on their campuses. She went on to become the IFYC recipient of the Mike Hammer Leadership Award in 2017. She continued her work for refugees through a viral advocacy campaign with Oxfam America.

Eiman is currently working as a Marketing Research Coordinator in Durham, North Carolina. Her work pushes her to organize through a critical and creative lens, which is a skill she strives to bring into every aspect of her life. Enjoying the outdoors, playing music, and watching comedy television shows are just a few of the essentials in her self-care routine.

Contact Eiman at eiman@muslimwomenfor.org

Operations Lead

Doha Medani is a compassionate health advocate and community organizer who is deeply rooted in her identities as a Sudanese American Muslim woman. She holds a B.S. in Nutrition Science from NC State University. While at NC State, she interned at Alliance Medical Ministry, a non-profit health clinic in Southeast Raleigh. Additionally, her work as a student researcher spanned the majority of her college career and focused on the intersections of nutrition education, virtual-reality technology, food justice and implementation of federal school wellness policies. She has served as a trainer for the Youth Organizing Institute Freedom School for high school youth in her hometown, Greensboro, NC.

Currently, she works for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), leading community health planning, evaluation and guidance in coastal Virginia. Doha is committed to the work of personal empowerment, truth-telling, and black liberation within all that she does. Her hobbies include building her personal library, supporting local arts events and discussing the literary & cultural relevance of her favorite R&B and rap records.

Contact Doha at doha@muslimwomenfor.org

Policy and Programming Lead

Lela Ali is a proud immigrant from Egypt and a graduate student at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, specializing in International Development Policy and Middle East Studies. Her research focuses on social network analyses of local Muslim-led networks in the south and transformative social change through community intervention. Lela is currently working to publish her first scholarly paper, “Muslim-led Groups in the Triangle: A Social Network Analysis.”

Lela is a vivacious community leader who brings rich experiences in community organizing and social justice advocacy, with expertise in voting rights, immigrant rights and justice, reproductive justice, coalition building, and curriculum writing. Her passion for community building and transformative justice led her to start Muslim Women For. In all of her work, Lela aspires to use research and data in social justice advocacy and direct action in order to create policy spaces that recognize the most marginalized of our communities.

Contact Lela at lela@muslimwomenfor.org