Election Resources

We’ve developed informational election resources for North Carolina voters through collaboration with You Can Vote. Please feel free to share these widely.

Please do not physically post these posters without notifying us first! We value community collaboration and communication. We don’t want these posters to end up in places where they are not wanted!

Volunteer opportunity: Want to see these posters in your community? We’ll print & send to you if you post and send us pictures! Sound good? Email Doha!

Early Voting Site & Board of Elections Map

Here’s a super simple, interactive, online map we put together that locates the closest early polling places near you! Includes Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham Counties of North Carolina. These counties’ Board of Elections are also marked for anyone voting absentee! Follow these super easy steps to use the map:

  1. Enter your address in the search bar
  2. Choose the nearest polling place to the address you entered (in the county you live in)
  3. Click on the car to get directions! (Make sure you have everything you need if you plan on registering to vote on the same day!)


Messages to send to your friends (early voting)!

HEY! Have you voted yet? Early voting is available now til October 31st and it’s the most *flexible* time to vote because I know you’re busy!

You can register, here’s what you’ll need to bring: https://www.ncsbe.gov/registering/how-register/register-person-during-early-voting 

Look up an early voting site near you: https://vt.ncsbe.gov/ossite/

Have more questions? There’s a 24/7 hotline with language support:

English (866) 687-8683 

Arabic (844) 925-5287

Various Asian languages (888) 274-8683

All You Need To Know To Vote In North Carolina: Webinar

Muslim Women For partnered with You Can Vote for a virtual conversation with community leaders and organizers on everything you need to know to cast your ballot in North Carolina this year! From registering to vote, requesting your absentee ballot, we created this space to make sure that Muslim organizers, young people, parents, educators, and faith leaders have everything they need to make their voices heard!

Mail-in Voter Guide

Early Voting Guide

NC Muslim Voter Guide

Queen City Family Advocates has produced this non-partisan guide through asking all candidates in North Carolina races about general questions that are of interest to members of the Muslim community. We do not take any credit for the production of this resource.

First Time Voter Guide

How Can I Register to Vote in NC

If you would like to share the images digitally we have versions of the documents with clickable links. These would be great for sharing in group chats, Facebook groups and via email.