Blackness & Islam


The goal of this project is to provide teachers, professors, researchers, journalists, and people interested in learning more about Islam with resources on Black Muslims to promote a more inclusive approach to the study of Islam. This project is curated by Dr. Kayla Renée Wheeler and was inspired by Prof. Najeeba Syeed, #BlackInMSA, and Muslim ARC. Please thank Dr. Wheeler for her labor through

Islam 101: Resource Guide

Whether you’re a new Muslim, exploring Muslim, or simply curious about the faith, this expansive google drive of literature is an inclusive guide to learning about Islam. It covers the Holy Prophet, Women in Islam, Society & Culture, and many more topics. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to Wassim Hassan or Eeman Abbasi.

Islamophobia is Racism

Inspired by the #FergusonSyllabus, the #StandingRockSyllabus, the #BlackIslamSyllabus and other, this reading list provides resources for teaching and learning about anti-Muslim racism in the United States. This syllabus reframes “Islamophobia” as “anti-Muslim racism” to more accurately reflect the intersection of race and religion as a reality of structural inequality and violence rooted in the longer history of US (and European) empire building. This syllabus was built by Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, Arshad Ali, Evelyn Alsultany, Sohail Daulatzai, Lara Deeb, Carol Fadda, Zareena Grewal, Juliane Hammer, Nadine Naber, and Junaid Rana, with contributions and feedback from many more.