Black Feminism

Black Womanhood: The Syllabus

Adapted from the syllabus “Black Womanhood,” this comprehensive resource on Black Feminism was designed by Jessica Marie Johnson and Martha S. Jones, and was first taught Spring 2018 at Johns Hopkins University. Titled Black Womanhood: The Syllabus, Johnson and Jones ask what the history of Black women (including black queer and trans women) looks like across time and space, and then provide readings to reach an intersectional, inclusive understanding of this.

Honorable Mentions

  • Black Atlantic, Queer Atlantic: Queer Imaginings of the Middle Passage, Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley
  • Telling Histories: Black Women Historians in the Ivory Tower, Leslie Brown
  • Dispossessed Lives: Enslaved Women, Violence, and the Archive, Marisa J. Fuentes
  • A Herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement, Alicia Garza

A Black Feminist Apocalypse/Dystopian Survival Syllabus

An incredibly named and well-rounded resource, A Black Feminist Apocalypse/Dystopian Survival Syllabus covers black feminism present in blogs, film, television, non-fiction, fiction, and audio. Created by @IndasCorner to help us survive while fighting for black liberation, she also included information on first aid, self-care, healing, and mental health.

Honorable Mentions

  • Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundations of a Movement, Angela Davis
  • I Am Your Sister: Black Women Organizing Across Sexualities, Audre Lorde
  • Black Women & Self Care: Thoughts on Mental Health, Oppression, & Healing, Naomi Moyer
  • 8 Mental Health and Self Care Resources for QTPOC, Danielle Dorsey