Africana Studies

Sudan Syllabus

The #SudanSyllabus seeks to provide English-language resources about Sudanese history to academics, journalists, and Sudanese diaspora interested in learning more about Sudan. This resource focuses on Sudan as seen by Sudanese, emphasizing visual, material, gendered, oral, educational, and “sidelined” history, and directing readers towards contemporary Sudanese communities who are living history beyond false dichotomies. The Sudan Syllabus is curated by Razan Idris, who was advised by Kayla Wheeler, Rogaia Abusharaf, Marie Grace Brown, Hind Makki, and Ola Diab. If you would like to access academic articles and theses for research, email

History of South Africa

Explore topics, timelines and articles that cover the social and political history of South Africa from prehistory to the present day. Between the legacy of Apartheid, the Presidency of Nelson Mandela, early history, student movements, arts, culture, and literature, this resource is a library in itself of South Africa’s history. This database was created by South African History Online (SAHO).