By Zarah


The year of liberation

For the people of Bangladesh

The birth of a nation

At Least in modern eye

Liberation is finding yourself

Freedom to believe in one’s self

To grow into a person

To go in tune with your true nature

Liberation is breaking from what they think

Breaking out from the prisons of your mind

To not let yourself sink and be kind

Liberation is the chance to learn

Receive an education

Something that so many people wish they had

Something that others disregard

That’s sad

The students were killed

They’re dying now

Their safety doesn’t matter

Their safety and the value of youth

All in the hands of the Mad Hatter

Liberation is also some people can ask for

Their homes occupied

Like the land of Palestine

They only want to live

That is what they fight for


My people have been freed

Free my people

It’s all we can ask for.

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