Everybody and Nobody

I am everybody and nobody,

I am a woman in an unjust society,

I am a refugee of my conquered country,

I am a sign yelling “Look at me, I am Muslim!” in an islamophobic country,

I am the youngest of my family,

I am someone’s enemy,

I am that special someone,

I am that friend that will make you laugh,

And yet, I am nobody.

I am not a person or a thing,

I am not a sign of my religion,

I am not the youngest of my family, 

I am no one’s enemy,

I am not that special person,

And I am not that friend.

I am nothingness, I am enveloped in a darkness that makes me unseen So see me, I am here!

I am all these things,

I know this so I am in no need of your validation.

Amira E. 

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