Meet Hadeel

Hadeel is a fierce and passionate advocate, organizer, and researcher based in Durham, NC. A Sudanese-American Muslim, Hadeel seeks to build movements and empower Black and Muslim communities, particularly on issues of environmental justice, migration, climate and environmental induced migration, and social welfare. Her work has focused on doing this through advocacy, research, and grassroots organizing.

In the past, Hadeel has conducted research on the impacts of COVID-19 on migrant populations in the Middle East and North Africa and on assessing the needs of Durham’s immigrant youth population. A Mellon Mays Fellow, her research culminated in her senior thesis which analyzed the language and rhetoric used to describe climate-induced migration in Sudan. As an organizer, Hadeel has worked with various local organizations to advocate for low-income and marginalized communities. This includes establishing Duke Mutual Aid in response to COVID-19, working with Sunrise Durham to promote environmental justice, and conducting civic engagement and election work with the Campus Election Engagement Project (now renamed Civic Influencers).

Hadeel graduated from Duke University in May 2022 with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and International Comparative Studies with a concentration on the Middle East. Hadeel currently works at the Duke Center for Muslim as a Student Development Coordinator where she works to build an inclusive spaces for Muslims of all backgrounds by planning and executing programming, advocating for Muslim students, and building relationships. She’s incredibly excited to work with Muslim Women For as a community organizer and hopes to continue deepening her relationship with the North Carolina Muslim community. In her free time, she loves exploring Durham and going to as many farmers markets as she possibly can! 

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