The Difficult Days by Terrteel

The Difficult Days

There are some days when your eyes become so blurry 

And slowly but painfully your eyes begin to water 

You think you have it all under control sometimes 

But some days everything seems to fall apart 

Your heart tightens and your chest pains 

You feel as though you have lost your mind 

The thoughts that overcrowd your head become an endless cycle 

You feel as though you’ve reached your limit 

You feel as though you want to scream 

You look around for someone, but no one seems to wonder what’s behind those teary eyes 

You blame yourself for not doing enough 

You blame yourself for reaching this point 

But times like these you must remember 

That Allah has been with you all along 

All you need to do is to acknowledge his presence and ask for his guidance 

No shame to regret just a believer seeking his lord 

Because no matter what you think of yourself 

He will love you more than anyone ever will 

About the Author

My name is Terrteel Muawia, I am 22 years old. I am originally Sudanese but born and raised in Hong Kong and China. I am a recent law school graduate working to begin my journey to becoming a lawyer. To escape the craziness of the world I enjoy cooking, creating art and expressing emotions and experiences through poetry.

1 thought on “The Difficult Days by Terrteel

  1. Momo says:

    Very deep thoughts expressed in touching way and reaching heart ❤️


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