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“Our movements themselves have to be healing, or there’s no point to them”
—Cara Page, Kindred: Southern Healing Justice Collective

Following the success of our 2020 Healing Collective, Muslim Women For is excited to offer a series of summer wellness offerings. Participants should plan to participate in all 4 events.

Muslim Women For will provide all supplies necessary for participation, including a $100 stipend to navigate your own wellness practices. This series is totally virtual (via Zoom) and totally free to you! To fully register, you must sign up for an intake call with event organizer, Doha. This is just so we can get to know each other prior to the first call.

This offering will hold priority for:
-folks that live in the Southern United States though all folks will be considered regardless of location
-folks that do not identify as male
-people of all religious backgrounds and world beliefs
-folks with high commitment to personal and group accountability

Please note: registration will close after we reach 25 participants so please register as soon as you can.

Session 1: Interrupting the Violence: A Crafting Session

Date: June 17 from 6-8pm 

Led by Doha Medani

You can read more about Doha here.

Session 2: Spirituality and Healing: Connecting Soul, Spirit, Body, and Mind

Date: July 1st from 6pm- 8pm

Led by Sameera Qureshi

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience” – Imam Jamal Rahman, “Sacred Laughter of the Sufis”

Far too often, we’ve been led to believe that spirituality is something that we need to seek and find. Yet from the Islamic tradition, we know that this is simply not true: God created us as spiritual beings, and we are having physical experiences with the life we’ve been blessed with. When it comes to trauma, many of us have experienced different forms of harm, and the mind is often focused upon with regards to healing. Yet when we apply a spiritual framework to understand ourselves holistically, we come to learn that we consist of a mind, soul, spirit, and body, and healing should address all of our parts, in a harmonious way.

This session will lead participants through content and reflections regarding holistic spirituality, using Islam as the framework. We will then participate in a trauma-informed, meditative yoga* practice, that will support our self-regulation, with time for reflection and discussion. *The yoga practice will provide many different options for movement and rest, with Sameera demonstrating the poses and variations while teaching.

See more of Sameera’s transformational work on her Instagram page, Sexual Health for Muslims.

Session 3: Spiritual Awakening: Journey from self to Self 

Date: July 16th at 6pm- 8pm 

Led by Christine Jean Blain and Kimberly Gaubault (McCrae)

Get connected with Cultivating Content, Craft and Conversation on their Facebook page for future events.

Session 4: Kin: Connecting the Dots between Healing and Community 

Date: August 5 from 6-8pm

Led by Rashida James-Saadiya

You can read more about Rashida’s work here and check out her Flowers podcast below.

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