Where NC Candidates Stand on Key Issues for Muslims

Our community members from the Queen City Family Advocates have produced a voting guide to help NC Muslims become more politically literate, encourage further political participation, and strengthen our sense of agency.

They are a grassroots initiative created by African American Muslims and others willing to interrogate and challenge attitudes, norms and policies that undercut the health and well-being of families in Charlotte.  Its purpose is to support African American/Black and other communities of color in the Queen City by staging strategic interventions in public discourse around policies that impact our communities “one family at a time.”

This is a non-partisan guide with responses from 9 out of the the 15 candidates in North Carolina races; they are featured with contact information for the candidates, beginning on page 10.


Would you like a physical copy of the voter guide? Muslim Women For will be sponsoring physical versions of the guide for community centers and similar spaces. Please contact us for more information.

Direct all questions and inquires regarding this pamphlet to:

Queen City Family Advocates



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