What your NC Senator thinks of the NO BAN Act…

As you might know, a repeal of the Muslim bans  passed in the House on July 22nd. We recently asked NC Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr to support this “NO BAN” Act. Senator Burr has remained silent, while Senator Tillis responded that he needed to be mindful of “radical islamic terrorism.”

This label, used frequently by Trump over the past four years, has sought to associate terrorism with Islam, and perpetuated harmful stereotypes against Muslims. This demonization of Islam was largely a by-product of the war on terror, and has since been the basis for extended policing, vigilante violence, and discriminatory policies like the Muslim Bans.

While these bans are taking away life-saving healthcare, blocking access to education, and physically separating Muslim families across border, Senator Tillis is apparently more concerned with perpetuating harmful stereotypes against our community. We MUST ensure they hear our opposition to this!

What actions can you take?

We’ve listed three ways you can contribute right now! 

1. Send a pre-drafted message to Senators Burr and Tillis to DEMAND that they support the NO BAN Act!

2. For the first time ever, NC Residents are able to register to vote online! Click here to register to vote or check your voter registration status.

3. Volunteer with Muslim Women For! We’re trying to Mobilize 10,000 Muslim voters in the Triangle, and we need your help to put Muslims in the forefront. Can you help us make sure the Muslim Community is heard?

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