Eid Mubarak: COVID-19 Edition

Eid Mubarak!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we announced that all donations made to us from March through May would be re-directed to local organizations that are providing COVID-19 related relief.

We chose these organizations because they are supporting the most vulnerable among us -undocumented families, incarcerated folks, survivors of domestic violence and black and brown folks.

Siembra NC – assists families impacted by immigration detentions
Kiran, Inc. – provides services and empowers South Asian victims of Domestic Violence all across North Carolina
Al-Salaam Islamic Center – the first Islamic center in NC, provides food and housing assistance to community
Believers Bail Out – Chicago-based organization that posts bond for incarcerated Muslims

Any future donations to us will go towards our work but we encourage you to donate to these organizations separately.

In Solidarity,

Doha, Eiman and Lela

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