Community Check-in Resources during the COVID-19 Outbreak

On our live stream today, we had many community partners and friends join us on Instagram live to talk about what’s been going on in their respective sectors of the community. Our goal for this live stream was to remain connected with each other. Watch the full live stream below.

Here we have compiled all of the resources that were mentioned. Pick one (or all) and get started on making the world a bit of a better place.

We also have some entertainment and ideas for you all to engage in while you social distance.

Remember, social distancing does NOT mean social isolation.

Take the 2020 Census!

IAR Nightly Youtube Series

Imam AbuTaleb is hosting a brand new series Left My Heart at the Masjid, every night at 8pm on YouTube starting March 19th. The series will feature brief khatiras and Islamic Reminders as well as information on the Islamic Association of Raleigh’s closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. See the first episode here:

North Carolina Muslim Students Association

All physical events cancelled, the following will go digital:

Board elections: 

Senior Appreciation Video:

MSA Night Video Submissions:

Follow &


Cancelled all events for remainder of the year, will do online elections for board & Youtube for MSA Night videos. Bored? Watch past MSA Night videos here and submit your own for the 2020 MSA Night.

Al Maghrib Triangle

Cancelled seminars until further notice but have posted a free online seminar that you can stream.

Faith Essential Free Spiritual Resource: through Hardship Free Seminar:

Fight 4 Her NC


NC Organizer Tina joined us and shared more with us about NC’s movement to stop Trump’s Global Gag Rule and fight for reproductive freedom around the world. Text Fight NC to 52886 to join the #Fight4HER


Many organizations are coming together to take donations to help people with mental health & access, to better serve our communities. Please reach out to any of us to donate, help volunteer or know anyone in need. 

Donations needed:

-non perishables 
-hygiene items 
-cleaning supplies


Penny Appeal

 Penny Appeal is raising fund to help elderly and immunocompromised and impoverished folks.

North Carolina Relief Collective

The North Carolina Relief Collective has compiled an Info Deck on COVID-19. Click the photo below to go straight to the InfoDeck. Below there is link to a form to let them know if you need help, when you need help, and what type of help you need. You can also get in contact with Niwal via Instagram.

IAR Mental Health Services

“There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He has also created its treatment.”

Narrated by Abu Huraira

A group of qualified volunteers, Muslim health professionals, coming together to assist our community at large. We welcome volunteers & suggestions! Please email

Light House Project

As always, the Light House is serving as a community meeting space, especially for the kids from NC Justice Served. You can support both organizations through your donations.

During the call, Ms. Diana Powell of NC Justice Served mentioned that there is a need for a Spanish speaker to assist with the programming during the day. If you’re interested in helping out and/or speak Spanish, her phone number is 919 594-9076. .


Student and sophomore class president, Verdant Julius victim of unwarranted police violence after attempting to swipe into his own dorm room. The over-policing of Black students is an ongoing problem at many HBCU’s in the country.

A&T Students are calling for NCAT UPD to

1. Drop all charges against Verdant Julius

2. Issue a statement correcting the actions of the officers in question.

3. Create a Police Review Board, made up of the community served by the Department, to review hires and complaints. Please stand in solidarity with HBCU students by signing the petition.

Want to do more For Verdant?

Additionally, this link automatically sends an email to NCAT UPD with our list of demands regarding the incident with Verdant. 
1. Click the link.
2. Press send.
3. Stand with Verdant ( @kuwverdant )

Continue to do the things you enjoy!

We had community members share the various things that they enjoy doing and projects they are working on.

Rise Rashid

Rise Rashid is one of our favorite rappers and community members. He recently dropped an EP, Love & War. You. can stream it on Spotify.

Nora Abdulrahman

Nora – sang for us! check her out on Instagram

Yasmin Ali

Yasmin is a friend of Muslim Women For and a travel & food blogger. She shared with us her coping mechanisms, one of them being cooking! Try out some of her recipes while you’re at home.

Me and My Muslim Friends

Hear our co-founder Eiman Ali on the first episode of the Me and My Muslim Friends podcast.

This podcast shares the nuanced experiences of me and my Muslim friends from the inside out. Ultimately, these are conversations on identity: who we are, in all of our diversity, while growing up against a media backdrop of everything we are not. Our goal is to give you thoughtful stories you can relate to, or maybe even something new to think about. Follow them on Instagram.

We would love to know what you think of this live stream, if you want to us to do more live streams and what kind of content you’d like to see on them. Sound off in the comment section below.

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