Revolutionary Reading Library

In December 2017, Muslim Women For unveiled a small library of books available on loan to members of our community wanting to expand their political awareness and social consciousness.

We are constantly rotating books and invite folks to donate books if they’d like. We ask that the topics of texts are related to social issues, political ideologies, organizing and intersectionality.

If you can’t make it to our physical library space, we are working on maintaining an database of online materials. If you have any questions or if you want to make a large book donation or share online readings for us to post on our site, please contact us directly.

Where is this library?

The library is open to the public and is housed at the Light House Project on the second floor, in Downtown Raleigh. The space does not have regular hours but it is typically open in the evenings and all day during weekends.

What are the rules?

By checking out a book, you agree to:

  • return it in the SAME condition it was given to you in
  • return books in a timely manner
  • donate a book of similar literary value if you lose our title
  • tell your friends about it
  • respect the space that the library is housed in

Happy Reading!

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